3 drunk holding the bench smashed the district more than one car glass ball sprinkle one place

Three drunken men in the Dingfuzhuang North Street near Fuyi Court area with a bench on the docked vehicles to destroy the glass

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Japanese media concerned about the South China Sea archeology by underwater archaeological strengthening of the South China Sea sovereignty

Looking for historical relics is not the only means by which China insists on the sovereignty of the South China Sea through marine archeology

New energy vehicles under the long warranty of maintenance chaos

But the current new energy car warranty period and aftermarket car prices each fight

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Russian pilots crash Arctic Circle on the ice with the polar bears wits

Ananov tries to be the first person to fly alone on a small helicopter around the Arctic Circle. The main threat from Ananov is from three uninvited guests - three polar bears

The official re-confirmed four sacrifice officers and soldiers there are still 13 firefighters lost

Has confirmed 10 public security fire officers and soldiers sacrifice

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India seeks to join forces with Russia to build submarines and stealth warships

According to the Indian "Economic Times" reported

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Indonesia's infrastructure construction will cost about $ 424.5 billion over the next five years

Indonesia's infrastructure construction will cost about $ 424.5 billion over the next five years

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Anhui secondary school illegal building bubble board student dormitory was seized

Law enforcement officers and then on the illegal construction of the bubble sandwich board room to implement a temporary seizure

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US double aircraft carrier exercise aimed at the Eastern powers to China to reconnaissance

US reconnaissance aircraft on China frequently reconnaissance

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Korean officials: If the Chinese side to successfully salvage the sunken Korean people grateful

South Korea's Minister of Marine Fisheries Yu Qi Jun to the scene to encourage staff

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Sichuan Guangyuan sunken accident fermentation: two officials were suspected of negligence was investigated

Occurred in August 2015 to 12 people fell into the water 5 people died Jiange County Longwangtan reservoir shipwreck accident to continue fermentation

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Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding areas or the emergence of air pollution process

Environmental Protection Department of Environmental Monitoring Division Director Luo Yi said

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Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will set up a transgressive court to examine major civil cases

Collaborative environmental protection cases are considered by the specific court to focus on the jurisdiction of the "Opinion"

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Emerging markets face the effect of the US interest rate

The US rate hike effect will be the biggest risk in emerging markets in 2016

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Academy of Social Sciences reported that more than half of the public that food safety problems

33.68% of the public think that government regulation is in place

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New York to reproduce the "Manhattan hover" beauty (Figure)

People shot in the streets of Manhattan, New York, USA

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British men's supermarkets were forced to expel 200 homosexual collective kissing solidarity

Recently, the British have a gay in London, a supermarket hand was complained

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Hebei Jinju an illegal processing of dens explosion caused by 5 dead and one injury

Hebei Jinju an illegal processing of dens explosion caused by 5 dead and wound 8 8 am 11 am

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