Female driver drove the chicken owner to claim "feelings of loss" $ 200

Market owner Liu rushed to the scene
On the morning of April 29, Ms. Wang, Yubei District, drove a hen, the chicken owner claims 200 yuan, the reason is with the chicken have feelings, and Ms. Wang refused to call 110 alarm The Yubei police said that the morning of April 29, Ms. Wang driving to Yubei two things, passing Yubei airport a back door, a hen suddenly came from the side of the road to the road, Ms. Wang hurriedly brakes, But it was too late, the hen was killed under the funeral wheel. Ms. Wang parked the car, to a city next to inquire, only know that the chicken is a business run across the road. Ms. Wang knocked on the door but no one should be, she saw the shutter on the door to leave the boss of the phone, dialing said after the matter. Market owner Liu rushed to the scene, saw the hen was dead, to Wang asked 200 yuan compensation. Ms. Wang that the chicken also 3 pounds heavy, worth 200 yuan. Liu boss said that he was the chicken from the chicks feeding, already had feelings, and is only authentic chicken, 200 yuan certainly value. Police alarm rushed to the scene, to understand things after the education and persuasion of Liu, and finally in the police mediation, Ms. Wang paid the other 120 yuan.

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