Henan release of local railway tariffs within a year temporarily prices

According to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently issued "on the deepening of our province local railway tariff reform notice"
(Reporter Guo Haifang intern Yuan Nan) in our province local railway tariff reform continued to deepen. Reporters on May 4 from the Provincial Development and Reform Commission was informed that, according to the state to promote the spirit of railway freight reform, the provincial government agreed, the province recently released local railways (including intercity railway, special railway, railway line) passenger fares and freight Prices, to encourage local rail transport of goods by the two sides negotiated pricing. According to the Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently issued "on the deepening of the province's local railway tariff reform notice", the local railway freight by the local railway transport enterprises according to production and operation costs, market supply and demand and competition, social affordability and other factors to determine. Local railway transport enterprises should conscientiously implement the "price law", "railway law" and other laws and regulations, establish and improve the internal management mechanism of passenger and freight tariffs, consciously regulate pricing behavior, the implementation of the price tag system, not forced service, compulsory charges. To develop or adjust the price of passenger and freight transport, should be announced 30 days in advance, and do publicity and interpretation work. Since the date of issuance of this notice within one year, the province's local railway passenger and freight tariffs shall not exceed the current passenger fares, freight rates level. The People 's Police, the disabled soldiers and the students who meet the conditions stipulated in the Regulations on the Regulation of Railway Passenger Transport shall continue to enjoy the fare concessions in accordance with the existing provisions, respectively, in accordance with the provisions of the Police Law of the People' s Republic of China and the Regulations on the Administration of Military Pensions. Provincial Development and Reform Commission official pointed out that the local price authorities to strengthen supervision and management, pay close attention to the local railway transport market price dynamics, and effectively maintain a good market price order. Consumers found that price violations can call 12358 to report.

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